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tv   [untitled]    November 6, 2014 8:00am-8:31am PST

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kind of commented to me, oh, my god, you were a part of history and how many couples did we mary? how many families did we start? how many dreams did we make come true? the whole part of being part of history is something that we are here and we are charged with this responsibility to carry out. >> good morning, everyone. san francisco budget & finance committee for november 5, 2014, my name is mark farrell i'll be chairing this committee i'm joined by supervisor avalos and momentary by supervisor eric mar
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thank you clerk linda wong and in case and jennifer lowe please silence all electronic devices. all files and documents to be submitted to the clerk. items acted upon today will appear on the november 18th board of supervisors agenda also otherwise stated. >> thank you item one. >> is a hamburger for the release of is search bond for the hetch hetchy mitigation project to cover the environmental impact report for the substation upgrades. >> good morning board members steve richie for the water for the puc this is an item for release of funds to begin the development of utilizations that will allow a variety of
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electrical generations to come into the grid and protect our facilities for changes for more projects coming in ultimate on the order of $6.4 million involving replacing transform so we can use those funds for protections we wanted to get started on this project and that's what we're asking for . >> no questions mr. rose to our report please. mr. chair and supervisor avalos phone number on page 6 we report the 6 million dollars 4 hundred thousand dollars budget for the substation is shown in table the one on page 2 the puc has collected (3) 100-0000 for that
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projects in table one on page 4 and the puc is expecting to collect the remaining 3 hundred 299 plus from possible revenue sources we explain and describe on page 67 of our report puc has not expended any funds on the upgrading project and the construction a has not begun puc intend to precede are the environmental review totally $375,000 our recommendation supervisors we recommend you approve the letters totally 3 hundred and 75 thousand for environmental review for the upgrade of the transformer at the warren substation and recommend you continue to retain the balance of 2 hundred plus 6667 on about budget and finance
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committee reserve pending the puc of the budget and finance committee regarding construction. >> okay. it mr. rose i understand the puc is in concurrence with those recommendations. >> we are. >> any questions anybody wish to comment on item one seeing none, public comment is closed a motion to release the reserve and accept the budget analysts recommendations and we have this motion and take that we'll take that without objection. >> madam clerk item to. >> mr. chair would you like to file item one. >> we'll make ta a motion. >> taxing take we'll take that without objection. >> item 2 the ordinance of the code to authorize the director of public health to enter into a magnitude care for the position of services to individuals under
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the federal and state coverage for the income populations. >> thank you madam clerk this is an item i introduced i've got talking points are mr. wagner we'll take it from there. >> greg wagner chief financial officer at the public health under the affordable health care we were seeing a significant expansion of insured folks in san francisco is it is a good thing under the affordable health care in order to flel fully gave me and be a provider we have to enter into contacts with plans so we can continue to provide services for all of the people enrolling in insurance so what we're asking today is for the board to clarify our
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authority to enter into those contracts we have a significant portion of our population we're currently servicing today at dpw if they enroll in coverage under the ac a may not be able to enroll and it's a revenue issue for the department before opportunities to bring in revenue under the affordable health care so we're working with the supervisor mark farrell on a proposal to give us the authority to enter into those contracts if they meet minimum financial stadiums to assure we'll have the payments rates better than the medi-cal management rate will allow us to the flexibility to move into
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negotiati negotiations and continue patient care. >> thank you mr. wagner why not move to our report mr. rose. >> yes. mr. chair supervisor avalos on page 11 of our report we note that the dpw estimates and will receive up to $30 million per year starting in 2019 under the manage care contracts our recommendations on the bottom of 11 page 4 lines 6, on page 4 lines 16 and 18 to read authorize the director of health to enter into contract in december 2015 each of the to generate revenue to the city and recommend you approve the ordinance as amended. >> thank you, mr. rose seeing
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no questions anybody want to comment on public comment item 2 seeing none, public comment is closed. mr. city attorney and john gibner, deputy city attorney if the committee is inclined to accept the budget analyst recommendation to limit the authority to contracts that go through december, 2017 we'll tweak it to make at that happen currently, i can enter into a contract more than 3 years that will not be necessary and reporting reinstatements in the ordinance that in the current draft continue definitely so consistent with mr. rose's recommendation we suggest that if those reporting remits only apply until december 2017 as
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well >> so in terms of approving the amendments can we send out today or hold back here. >> you can vote it on today an, an oral report and send it to the full board for the next meeting. >> i'll recommend we accept the budget analysts recommendation and all the magic the city attorney will make it consistent with the overall resolution. >> i'm happy to second that we'll take that without objection.. >> thank you. >> madam clerk call items 3 and 4. >> revvingly accepting a grant of one hundred and 17 thousand for a root construction company for improvements to the pathway of hertz playground for the period of may 15th to may 31st,
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2015, and 30 years the rec and park to accept the grant of 3 hundred and 38 thousand for baseball playground for the period of mayor 2018 to may 3 t may 31st, 2015. >> we have a lady in supervisor malia cowen's office. >> thank you for hearing those two items the two grants are helping us to improve hertz playground the minor technical amendments were handed out and north america than will present those two items. >> good morning. i'm with the rec and park partnering division here to present that items 3 and 4 for the hertz baseball diamond and grants in place those have been wonderful projects addressing the conditions of the
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playground the city is looking to improve for someplace the hertz baseball diamond has been in disrepair the problems fencing and air patches in the out field around the same time the department was looking to improve the fields we were approached by a organization and oats hertz baseball diamond ways put forward for consideration contractor ac jones wants to get the work the backstop was repaired and pained new amenities including a scoreboard and bat racks in the dug outs to celebrate there was a whiff event on may 3rd from tlc worked to get the sod down the based
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contractor societies proposed for another grant to roommate a major pathway in the back of the beautiful koffman pool to the basketball courts this previously dirt pathway ways replaced with an asphalt that meets the standards and easy assess to the amenities those projects were capped by a ribbon celebration on may 31st that included a baseball game on the new will i improved baseball diamond the construction we want to recognize the important contribution from the department of public works those entrants brought wonderful needs to this park and hopefully, you'll approve those. >> thank you much have of up colleagues any questions no budget analyst report so public comment anybody wish to comment
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on items three or four seeing none, public comment is closed could i have a motion to send those forward. >> a motion by supervisor avalos. >> mr. chair there are amendments by supervisor cohen's office would you like those. >> are we taking those as amendments to the whole. >> motions to accept the amendments as a whole and approve the resolution and moderate with recommendation. >> thank you madam clerk call item 5. >> is a resolution retroactively to accept and expand a grant in the amount of 8 hundred thousand for the disease control and preservation to participate in a program called racial and ethnic programs for the period of september 30th through september 30th, 2015. >> thank you very much is it jackie from dpw.
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>> i'm jackie the deputy city attorney with the public health i'm here to ask you to accept the funding for the racial and ethnic community grant the goal to address the cardiovascular among african-american and latinos in the heart of san francisco and it's an effort to reduce those that have heart disease are at high-risk we'll be lincoln patients with the agencies to enhance hour heart health ze we have a program lincoln people to the hunters point so this effort will be describing more non-pharmaceutical positions for people e people to enhance their heart health. >> no questions for me we'll
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move on to public comment motorbike wish to comment seeing none, no one in the chambers. >> we'll take that without objection. >> madam clerk madam clerk, any other business before this committee? >> no, mr. chair. >> that's correct folks we're adjourned today
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>> bonnie banks. bonnie banks. my definition of noise is uncontrolled music. without format. pretty simple affair. pancakes, and you're -- people get up on sundays around noon, weekends or whatever. should not be too hard to walk into place. have your audio alarm clock go off for two hours waking your up while you are eating breakfast with many interesting visuals once in a while.
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improvisation. listening or not to the person you're playing up against or people or machines. trying to get as many different people in as possible. different genres, experimental noise, electronics, dissonance some drums.a tiny bit of ambient -- the first noise pancake shows, 1999, the first waffle noise, 2001. god-waffle noise, noise pancake came out of cubist art, place
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on mission street, brutallo, where the church -- opened up his house and saturday morning cartoons. a big space. you can have everybody set up and barely move equipment around; small room for an audience to move around, walkover and get pancakes without getting burned up in the kitchen. there's like people in their hard-core gabber; people into really fast death metal; black metal. people who don't listen to music at all.
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guy like larnie bock (sounds like) set up huge, motor driven harp. i don't know how to explain it. 40 foot of motors that he had running over strings and wires. and then played each string individually with the mixer. there is a feeling of euphoria when somebody's really good at what they do. experiencing a buffer, pushing your bowels out your rear. different. a lot of noise. you don't play clubs with a cleaning schedule, a guy coming in the morning emptying the beer bottles.
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you play the warehouse. if you travel around you will see the exact same kind of weirdos doing their own thing. it is like in the bay area it's even more absurd. there seems to be more people that in a place like new york or tokyo. we did a show in new york, i didn't think that anyone was at hardly, and people come up and said i saw the show. i wish they had some kind of breakfast noise going on over there. i think a lot of people were being, walking out of the shows. that was incredible. i can't believe it's over already, after two hours. if you are reluctant to enjoy something like this
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it will probably take a mass of peers to sell you on it. it's fine if you stay away. most of the people that come to the shows are pretty happy to be here. you may not be one of them. which is fine. yeah. that's it. [off-key notes] announcer: you don't have to be perfect to be a perfect parent. when you adopt a child from foster care, just being there makes all the difference.
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off our personal that devices and phones and thank sfgovtv for bringing us live over the airwaves time for order and roll call. >> commissioner frost commissioner moshoyannis i'm going to get good at saying that commissioner joseph you did a gastrogreat job. >> commissioner hyde we have quorum president tan indicated he'll be absent this evening and have not heard in commissioner perez but for the record he's absent. >> moving on to item one public
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comment commission. there will be no separate discussion of these items unless a member of the commission, the public, or staff so requests do we have any public comment? >> good afternoon, commissioners i just want to say thank you because the entertainment commission office is great people that work in there they return phone calls and e-mails so i just wanted to say thank you for keeping a very good office. >> thank you. >> thanks. >> that's excellent our staff never gets accolades. >> do we have any other public comment seeing none, public comment is closed. we're moving on to to item 2 which is reviewing and approving
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the minutes do we have minutes from august 1st that must be continued and september 5th but we can talk about october twig all i move to bifurcate the minutes from august 5th and september 16th. >> i second commissioner frost commissioner moshoyannis abstain. >> commissioner joseph commissioner lee commissioner hyde i move to approve the minutes of october 21st. >> and i second that. >> i am going to go same house, same call? because our abstaining done deal. >> is there any public comment on the review and approval of our minutes seeing none, this is closed
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already we'll to have our report from the executive order. >> commissioners it seems like i was just here i don't have a wholly whole lot to tell you but we have an addition to the commission maybe a face you recognize we want to recognize demetri admonishing that was sworn in on it's and is taking the seat the balance of the term from commissioner akers so welcome and help him along if you can i'm sure he's going to do great i was hoping to have a victim of crime control study but the controller said we should have in the next two to three weeks oh, i got a timer but it turns
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out that things got in the way hopefully, maybe the next meeting the 18th if not definitely the meeting after that if i can get something in the controller's office to do a presentation their apt to do for the board then i'll have them do that for you guys we should have an interesting outcome again, i don't have much to say go giants oh, you want to talk about this we had an event full halloween over the entire weekend some people started thursday and lastly i think maybe i mentioned this before but you want to hand those out just add music is our november 17th sorry workshop for
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l lp and permit he holders and the performance permit holders and frankly anyone that is interested in objecting on llp i know in the office we've heard the people that remain the permit don't this what to do next they want to book music but don't on how so on 17th of november on mason from 10:00 to 3:00 if you want to come and we're going to go over the basics about how to book entertainment what is a public pa system the basic stuff and invited people that do it currently if there's a way to spread the word we'll send you a
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link if you know someone that owns a bar or restaurant and can benefit from music we'll hope to do it again, if we have a good turnout we'll send it to your e-mail that's all i'm going to say i'm going to turn it over to shawn you want to start? >> thank you director cane commissioners good afternoon jordan and i will speak about our weekend i spent the majority on the polk street corridor it's the most crowded but in the last 9 months i've been seeing it busier and buzzer and the most pleased i was experienced where macy's and the other streets rests i think there were a few
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cop cars one police van and maybe 8 officers this is probably the most presence i've seen out there ever bar had a line of streets themselves were pretty clear as far as the traffic and the mission seemed was another district that jordan and i patrolled i think based on the fact it is more spread out was like polk i gave you a quick be run down the hotel had a mild event the ballroom straightforward everything else on the allows included in my report if you have questions feel free to ask but jordan will handle the sum
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from broadway. >> thank you and inspector burke hello commissioners i'll talk about several inspections i did inspections to the marriott and in the w hotel over the halloween weekend and basically, they were will managed and staffed the security no problems broadway was really busy a significant police presence on broadway and a lot of patrons on broadway in front of the atmosphere in the line they were really busy on halloween i did a wake through inspection to get an idea of the state of affairs inside the building it looked like it was fine inside while i was there and the only other thing


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